I was four years old the first time I touched a welder. My grandfather started his own business, Frederick Metal Fabrication, in 1966 and passed on the skill and trade of welding through his family's generations. Throughout grade school, I worked on projects by my father's and grandfather's side, and eventually started creating my own projects before graduation.

I've always been inspired by my grandfather's passion for perfection. I'm constantly pushing myself to do better and learn new skills. Currently, I am an AWS member and subscribe to monthly magazines to stay up to date with new processes. Being able to weld in my grandfather's shop has been to my benefit with perfecting my technique. I take pride in my ability to see a project finished before it has been completed.

When I'm not welding, I'm either looking up new recipes to cook or new trails to check out. I'm a fan of four-wheeling and off-roading as well as camping in the outdoors. I find traveling can open up the mind and bring a new perspective for finding innovative ways to problem solving.